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Dr. Jade has offered vision care to the community for over 20 years. When you need prescription glasses in Lloydminster, we’ll be there to help you see clearly, maybe even for the first time ever!

Prescription glasses can be used to treat many different vision problems, including nearsightedness, which is the difficulty of seeing far away, and farsightedness, which is the difficulty of seeing up close. You may not realize the severity of your vision problem until you experience symptoms such as:










Bumping into things


Tripping over things


Continually rubbing your eyes


Sitting too close to a TV, phone or computer screen

These symptoms range from minor annoyances to putting you in potentially dangerous situations. Make sure you visit your eye doctor for an accurate eyeglass prescription if you notice any of the symptoms listed above. Please keep in mind that you can also experience headaches and other problems if you’re wearing the wrong prescription! That’s why it’s so important to see a trained, experienced eye doctor โ€“ we eliminate all the guesswork.

Advice to Help You Choose the Best Glasses for You

Common Myths About Prescription Glasses

Unfortunately, there are many myths about prescription glasses, some of which may even lead people to buy the wrong type of glasses, seek out a prescription when one isn’t needed or ignore their need for corrective lenses altogether.

One of the biggest misconceptions is over-the-counter reading glasses can correct your eyesight as effectively as prescription glasses do. Reading glasses mainly account for presbyopia, an age-related eye disease caused by decreased elasticity in the eye’s lens that makes it hard to focus on objects at a close range. So while yes, reading glasses can help some close-range vision problems, they will not address issues with your long-range vision. People may try to wear readers to avoid paying for more expensive prescription lenses, but the benefits of prescription glasses will outweigh the extra cost. Prescription glasses can correct just about any vision problem, are much more durable and are offered in many more styles.

Another myth is that your vision will get worse the longer you wear glasses. This simply isn’t true! If your prescription changes or you need to purchase stronger reading glasses as time goes on, it’s because getting older makes it harder to see things clearly up close. Your glasses aren’t doing anything to make your eyesight worse.

The First Step is to Book An Eye Exam

Schedule an Eye Exam Today

Dr. Jade and Dr. Sarah are proud to provide prescription glasses in Lloydminster and the surrounding area. A comprehensive eye exam allows us to identify your vision problems and prescribe the right prescription glasses for you. Eye exams are important for people of all ages and should become a regular part of your routine every one to two years. This number will vary depending on your age, other risk factors and whether or not you currently wear prescription lenses.

We carry a wide range of designer frames so your glasses complement your style and you can show off more of your personality. Schedule an eye exam with us today or come check out our awesome designer frames!