Low Vision Causes & Treatments

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Low vision is the condition where eyesight has been reduced, but cannot be fully corrected with solutions like eyeglasses, contacts, or surgery. Diseases are the primary cause of low vision, but it can also be inherited or caused by an injury to the eye or brain. Dr. Jade and Dr. Sarah’s eye care office in Lloydminster offers treatments for low vision.

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Condition Management

How to Cope with Low Vision

Anytime you have vision loss, you should set up an eye doctor visit as soon as possible. If it is discovered that you have low vision, various aids are available to help alleviate the condition.

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Vision Support for Screens

Low Vision Aids for Digital Device Screens

If your job requires you to regularly use computers, low vision can be a strain on your productivity. Fortunately, low vision devices for computers are available. Ask Dr. Jade or Dr. Sarah about these low vision aids during your next appointment.