Pre-LASIK Consultation in Lloydminster

Your eye doctor at Eye Expressions

Your eye doctor at Eye Expressions would be happy to meet with you to discuss your vision surgery in Lloydminster in greater detail. We perform pre-LASIK consultations to determine the eligibility of patients interested in the procedure. Please expect this appointment to take up to 2 hours and be prepared to discuss your medical history and disclose any medications you’re currently taking as well.

A comprehensive eye exam will be performed to see whether or not your eyes are healthy enough to undergo this type of surgery. The shape and thickness of your cornea along with your pupil size will be measured using specialized instruments that are able to create a precise map of your eye and identify any problems. We’ll also look for signs of eye conditions that haven’t been previously diagnosed or could possibly deem you ineligible for the procedure. All of these tests are painless and must be done in order to clear you for the surgery.

Lastly, we’ll talk to you about why you want LASIK in the first place. Are you tired of carrying around glasses? Do contact lenses irritate your eyes? What do you hope to accomplish with this procedure? We’ll describe life after LASIK to you so your expectations remain realistic. While this eye surgery is very beneficial for improving your vision, most patients will still need to wear reading glasses, especially as they age.

Pre-LASIK Preparation

What to Expect at Your Pre-LASIK Appointment


Complete a patient information form


Dilation of your pupils โ€“ please bring a pair of sunglasses to limit eye sensitivity


Blurry vision โ€“ you may not be able to return to work, so please schedule your appointment accordingly

Your pre-LASIK consultation is very important and shouldn’t be rushed. We have to be sure you meet all the criteria for this type of eye surgery.

Additionally, because contact lenses can change the curvature of your corneas, we ask that you stop wearing your contacts before your consultation. The amount of time will vary depending on the type of lenses worn. Soft lenses typically need to be removed 24 hours before the appointment, while hard lenses require at least 4 weeks. This time period changes for every patient, however, so make sure you follow the instructions of your eye doctor first.

Please also keep in mind that you shouldn’t sleep with your contact lenses in for at least a week prior your consultation and that the guidelines above pertain only to the eye undergoing the procedure.

Countless people have undergone vision surgery in Lloydminster and couldn’t be happier with the results! To get started on a life with better eyesight, schedule a consultation with the trained, qualified eye doctors at Eye Expressions. This consultation helps pre-approve you for the procedure so you can move forward with the process. Your surgery centre will also require an examination before your procedure can be scheduled, but you’ll already be ready to proceed after our appointment! Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, as it’s very important that you understand the procedure and how it will impact you. Contact our office today to arrange your consultation.