2 Steps to Book Your Evaluation to Discover if Dry Eye RF Treatment is Right for You

Your evaluation will be part of a professional eye exam by an eye doctor. This will facilitate your regular eye exam for visual health, plus provide you with the recommendation for RF treatment for dry eye syndrome.

Since the evaluation is part of an eye exam, your insurance may cover part or all of the cost of the exam.

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Step 1: Choose the Most Appropriate Eye Exam for your Dry Eye Evaluation

➡ Option 1: Partial Exam

If you are primarily interested in an assessment for dry eye condition and have had a full eye exam in the last 24 months, a Partial Exam is sufficient.

➡ Option 2: Full Exam

A full exam is best for you if you would like a more comprehensive assessment of your visual health, including a dry eye treatment evaluation.


Step 2: Book Your Dry Eye Evaluation with Your Eye Doctor

It is recommended to complete an examination by a reputable doctor of optometry before starting your journey to treat dry eye syndrome.


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