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Our Current Covid-19 Information

We are open, and all services are available, but there are a few precautions:

What to expect when you arrive at the our eyewear gallery:
  • No appointments necessary for eyewear adjustments or shopping for glasses
  • We appreciate if you sanitize your hands when you walk in
  • Masks are currently required
 What to expect when you arrive at the clinic:
  • Appointments are required for eye exams, and we have to space them out more than usual, so you may need to book a week or so in advance
  • We ask you to please sanitize your hands as you enter the clinic
  • Masks are required

We Sincerely appreciate your understanding, and patience. We apologize for any inconveniences.

-Dr. Jade


Our Current Covid-19 Information

We are open, and all services are available, but there are a few changes.

What to expect when you arrive at the clinic and eyewear gallery:
  • When your arrive, call 780-875-1117 from your vehicle, and we will meet you at our entrance.
  • Is is recommended that you wear a mask for your eye exam, but you are not required to do so (at the time this is written)
  • For more details you can read or watch our short video by clicking 'Learn More'

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Eye Exams in Lloydminster

Get Your Eyes Checked Frequently

Being able to see clearly is just one facet of your overall eye health. Dr. Jade and Dr. Sarah recommend that you get regular eye exams, whether or not you have glasses or contacts, and even if your vision appears to be perfect.

Why are eye exams important?

An eye exam can catch eye problems in their early stages, helping to prevent vision loss and other serious eye issues. With a thorough eye exam, you can catch things that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.


Eye Exams for Contact Lenses

A more focused eye exam is required to determine if your eyes are suitable for contact lenses. Contact lens exams will provide the measurements and testing required to not only determine if contact lenses are right for you, but can help generate your contact lens prescription.


Preparing for an Eye Exam

Be sure to contact the office prior to your exam to know what to bring with you. It’s also good to ask how often you should schedule eye exams. With our handy eForms, you can book your appointment online as well as send us your medical history.

Eye Exams

Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

Not sure what to expect from a routine eye exam? Ask us! You can call or email us to ask about what common tests and procedures to expect from your eye exam.

Kid’s Eyecare

Eye Exams for Children

Your child’s eye health is important and it’s never too early to bring them in for an eye examination. A child’s eye exam is specially crafted to address developing eyes. For more information on eye exams for children, read CNIB’s article on “Teaching Kids Good Eye Habits.”

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