Trendy Eyewear for Winter

Accessory season is upon us. Glasses are the easiest way to showcase your personality, style, and vibe if you do it right. So let us show you the top trends this winter to keep you hot even when the weather is cold. 

We’ve pulled together trendy eyewear for 2021 and a sneak peek of styles you’ll see in 2022 to keep you up to date. Take out your notebook, jazz up your Pinterest board, or add it to your wish list because we’re about to get you catwalk ready.

1. Square Frames are Definitely In

This season, the powerful square is everywhere. The shape is bold, strong, and a little retro. You can go with vintage plastic frames in square and rectangular shapes or studious, bold with boxy silhouettes.

Rayban 1971 eyeglasses

Square 1971 Optic by Ray-Ban

Inject your style with some retro flair wearing the Ray-ban Square 1971 Frames. They feature oversized square frames with detailing on the nose bridge to create a glamorous effect. Plastic temple tips and adjustable nose pads allow for customizable comfort that fits perfectly to your face. These glasses are stylish, fun, and glamorous.

Black thick rim glasses by burberry.

Monogram Motif Square Optical Frames by Burberry

A square frame in black acetate, accented with the Thomas Burberry Monogram at the temples. These frames come in three different colors: black, pale yellow, and deer print. The simple, luxurious, and vintage-inspired design will add style to any outfit.

2. Metallics in Mars

In case you haven’t noticed, the space age is among us. Everyone is talking about going to Mars so you better be dressed for the part. You can go glam with some gold or go full-on spacesuit with silver frames.

Gold hexagon thin rim eyeglasses from burberry.

Chain-link Detail Geometric Optical Frames by Burberry

A gold-plated geometric frame with deer-print acetate temple tips, inspired by the Burberry animal kingdom. The Thomas Burberry Monogram adorns the temples, framed with a delicate chain-link detail. Who says you can’t bring elegance to Mars?

Thin silver rim glasses by vogue.

VO4213 – L.A. by Vogue

Speaking of space travel, this classic, aviator-inspired glasses with modern details will help channel your inner pilot. Its silver metal frames with a pop of color is just what you need when you’re trying to impress your new extraterrestrial friends.

3. Just a Splash or an Explosion of Color

Even though summer is behind us, bright colors are definitely not. This season, fashion shows are bringing in bright colors like reds, pinks, yellows, and greens (specifically, Kelly Green). So here are a few of our favorite bright frames for your eyes.

Red thick rim glasses by ray-ban.

RB8955 by Ray-Ban

They say red is the color of confidence. These frames from Ray-Ban are in a bright, bold, and vivacious red. Even if you’re having a totally blah day, these frames will spice up any boring outfit. It is just what you need to make a statement wherever you go.

Transparent pink thick rim glasses by vogue.

VO5413 by Vogue

The VO5413 by Vogue are bold in both color and style. They come in transparent pink, grey, or tortoise and feature thick, butterfly shaped frames. The gold engraving on the temples finishes off the look with a touch of glamour.

4. For the Minimalists

Minimalism is here to stay, regardless of what the weather is like. Industrial, streamlined lines with excessive pockets, boxy silhouettes, and monochromatic magic. Now that’s a tongue twister. If you are looking for some understated, timeless styles, then we are all for the versatile yet distinct thin acetate or metal frames in bold shape.

Half tortoiseshell half gold rim glasses by burberry.

Icon Stripe Detail Cat-eye Optical Frames by Burberry

A contemporary cat-eye frame in tortoiseshell acetate, styled with half-rim lenses and enamelled Icon stripe details at the temples. These glasses are understated and minimalistic, but they do not lack style. The shape and mix of the gold and tortoiseshell frame is the perfect recipe to match any minimalist’s taste.

Black thin rim glasses by oakley.

Tier Bar Frames by Oakley

Inspired by the design ethos that less is more, Oakley™ Tie Bar melds a premium titanium material to a timeless design for the perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication. Less is more with these ultra-thin, clean and sophisticated glasses. It also comes in five different colors so you can choose the best option for you.

5. For the Maximists

Let’s go the opposite direction and hammer down on all the excess. Glitter, prints, and patchwork are also in style this season for the loud, unapologetic fashionistas. Whether it’s the quirky frame, sparkles, or loud prints, add it to your wardrobe.

Tortoiseshell cateye glasses by vogue.

VO5317 – TAKE A CHANCE by Vogue

On the contrary, more is more with these cateye frames from Vogue. The VO5317 are quirky, fun, and fabulous. They come in classic black or tortoiseshell and also in bright reds, purples, and greens. With the fun shape and color combinations, you can really express your personality through your eyewear.

Blue tiger striped glasses by ray-ban.

Nomad by Ray-Ban

These frames are definitely not for the faint of heart. The Nomad optics by Ray-Ban are not made to blend it. They feature loud striped and tortoiseshell prints with thick squared frames. If you want to announce yourself the moment you enter a room, get ready for the attention with these frames on.

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