Post-LASIK & Vision Surgery Care in Lloydminster

After your vision surgery in Lloydminster, you'll need to visit a qualified eye doctor within 24 hours so your eyes can be examined. We'll make sure your eyes are healing properly and you're following all the post-surgery instructions provided. You can also use this time to ask any questions you may have about your recovery. Please note that eye dryness is common and should resolve eventually. If you're really having trouble with this, however, there is treatment available. You should also expect to have blurry vision and/or light sensitivity, but these side effects should only be temporary as well. It varies by patient; some people experience clarity within 24 hours, while others may take a week or longer.

We'll also test your vision during this appointment so you can be cleared to resume driving. You must meet the legal vision requirement for driving without corrective lenses. Please make the proper arrangements for transportation to this consultation.

Recovering from LASIK

While the LASIK laser eye surgery itself doesn't take that long, you still need to take some time to heal. After your vision surgery in Lloydminster, we recommend taking a few days off of work to rest and recover properly. If your doctor determines that you have a high risk of eye trauma due to your occupation, you may need to take up to a week off.

This recovery time is crucial and should be taken seriously. Not only will it help you heal faster, it will preserve the health of your eyes. Immediately after your surgery, make sure you refrain from any activities where your eyes can be aggravated, poked or touched in any way. It's also important to avoid watching TV, reading, showering (a bath is OK), alcohol consumption, and staring at anything too long without lubricating your eyes with the drops provided. 

The day after your surgery, you can:

  • Shower (be cautious about getting soap or water in your eyes for at least a week)
  • Do light reading and work on the computer
  • Drive short distances (if approved by your doctor)
  • Fly in an airplane
  • Lift lightweight object

Three days after your surgery, it's now acceptable to:

  • Swim and do slightly strenuous outdoor activities
  • Lift slightly heavier objects
  • Play with children

Seven days after surgery, you can now:

  • Resume more strenuous workouts and activities (with the proper eye protection)
  • Wear eye makeup

And after a month has passed, you're free to engage in physical sports or activities with a higher risk of eye contact. This includes sports like hockey, basketball, football, skiing, and snowboarding. Eye protection should still be worn until 3 months have passed, and even after that we still recommend wearing safety eyewear. Your eyes are always vulnerable to damage or injury.

Contact Us With Your Questions or Concerns

Are you concerned about your recovery? Are you still experiencing blurry vision long after your surgery? Contact us at any time – we're here to answer your questions or address your concerns. We understand that this healing process takes time and can be frustrating. Please don't push yourself or try to take on too much. Letting yourself rest and recover are key to a successful LASIK laser eye surgery!

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