Guide To Great Options For Children’s Eyewear

Children like to pick out new toys, a cool pair of shoes, or the next big video game. Glasses are low on their priority list. Let’s change that.

Get your child excited by teaching them all about the different styles of frames, types of lenses, and benefits they can get from a new pair of glasses. It’s back to school time so let’s get prepared and look sharp while doing it!

Reasons Why Eyewear for Children is Important

Let’s first quickly go over why your child should be wearing glasses.Eyewear provides 3 basic functions

  1. Protection: Eyeglasses not only offer clear vision but also protect our eyes
  2. Fashion: Eyewear is in. Look like you’re ready for straight A’s with the latest in bright colours and other fashion trends that kids love!
  3. Convenience: Glasses are easy to wear and can be taken all over. They rarely require cleaning and do not need to be frequently replaced.

These benefits can be life-changing. See the world the way you were meant to with a new pair of glasses, you won’t regret it.

What to Look for When Selecting a New Pair of Glasses for Children

There’s a lot to consider when selecting eyeglasses, but following these 4 steps will help pick the best possible frame for you.

  1. Frame size: Frames are made for all ages from infants to adults. The optical prescription will determine the thickness of the lens, but you decide the width & length of your frames. Pick a size that best suits your face type.
  2. Material: You can get frames in either a metal or plastic build. Surprisingly the weight and durability don’t differ but cosmetically metal has a tendency to be more reflective
  3. Dimensions: The bridge fit of the glasses needs to accommodate their nose or else they won’t rest properly. While the spring hinges allow the glasses to be more flexible so that they hug the side of the wearer’s head and do not fall. Try different sizes to find which is most comfortable for you.
  4. Lens Material: Blue light, sunglasses, scratch persistent or indestructible! There are quite a few options to go over so we break those down below.

Blue Light Lenses

Staring at screens for long periods of time can have negative effects on vision and overall health. Children are increasingly exposed every day to new sources of blue light. Here are some examples of blue light exposure for children:

  1. Education: Classrooms are now adopting digital teaching methods such as Ipads and digital whiteboards.
  2. Gaming: A popular pastime for kids that involves staring at a screen for long periods of time.
  3. Socializing: Since the pandemic, children have moved to text or facetime as a means of keeping in touch with friends more than ever.

If you add blue light protection lenses your children’s eyes will have reduced exposure and added protection.

Nano-Vista: Durable Frame Option for Kids

If standard glasses aren’t durable enough, try nano-vista. They have a lineup of glasses that are indestructible making it a great choice for rough adventures.

Consider this brand before the kids head out for school. These frames won’t break in the middle of gym class or during a rugged free-time energy burst in the playground.

Here’s a list of frames nano-vista makes:

  • Indestructible
  • Glow
  • Baby
  • Solar Clip
  • Metal
  • Cool

Nano-Vista is a brand you can rely on.

Protect from Hazards

The eyes are an extremely exposed part of the human body. Children won’t consider the risks to their eyes when playing near hazards or engaging in sports. With some proactive measures, many of these risks can be minimized.

Consider investing in a pair of sports glasses. This type of eyewear is specifically designed to wrap around your child’s head to keep them in place. That way when they go to score the game-winning goal their glasses won’t interfere.

You can also look into prescription or non-prescription sunglasses. Many of which are great options to keep your children’s eyes safe from UV light. Similar to blue light prevention, filtering UV light provides protection and can even extend the youth of a person’s eyes by minimizing macular degeneration. The sun emits powerful ultraviolet rays that can cause damage to our eyes over time.

Don’t Forget! Schedule Regular Eye Exams

Finally, one of the most critical considerations before purchasing glasses is getting regular eye exams. Maintaining an accurate prescription is important, and should be done before selecting your next favourite pair of lenses. There are also health benefits as exams allow you to address any potential issues as quickly as possible and set your children up for healthy eyes into their teenage years and beyond. (Discover seven reasons to schedule annual eye exams in this post)

To schedule an eye exam in Lloydminster for you or your children, contact us today!

Try Before You Buy

Now that you understand what to look for it’s time to drop by our eyewear gallery and try on a pair.

Try on as many as you can to find the right fit. Our selection includes high-quality children’s glasses and frames to meet each child’s varied needs.

We’ll be more than happy to assist you and your child!

Did you learn a lot about children’s eyewear in this post?

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