Finding The Right Eyewear in Lloydminster

Whether you're a long-time glasses wearer or getting your first pair of contacts, Dr. Jade and Dr. Dave have everything you need. From eye exams to eyewear in Lloydminster, we have you covered! But it's not just having the eyewear, it's having the right eyewear that's crucial for your eyesight and eye health. Check out our tips for cleaning and maintaining your eyeglasses and sunglasses.


Your glasses should help you see more clearly, whether you're nearsighted or farsighted. If you're wearing the wrong prescription, your eyes will have to work harder, potentially causing you more problems. Another way glasses contribute to your eye health is by acting like an eye shield. You're not as likely to get dirt, dust and debris in your eyes. And if you're an allergy sufferer, glasses can help keep that itch-inducing pollen at bay! 

The lenses themselves have advanced with modern technology. In the past, glass was your only choice, but now you also have the following lens options for your glasses:

  • Polycarbonate – an impact-resistant material ideal for active people
  • Trivex – a thin, lightweight and impact-resistant plastic
  • High-index plastic – a strong yet lightweight plastic used for stronger prescriptions
  • Photochromic – glass or plastic lenses that go from clear to tinted in the sunlight

We can help you find glasses in the style and material that you want!


Sunglasses are also important for your eye health because they shield your eyes from harmful UV light. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can seriously damage your eyes and cause problems that last a lifetime. Everyone, including children, should have a pair of sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection. Please don't settle for the cheap, flimsy models, either. These types of sunglasses don't have the proper amount of sun protection and are actually helping let in more harmful light by tricking your pupils into opening up because of the perceived sense of darkness. Make sure whatever pair of sunglasses you choose, it has some sort of UVA/UVB protection notation! If you also want glare reduction, we carry a range of polarized sunglasses as well.

Contact Lenses

Some people think that contact lenses make your eyes worse, but that isn't the truth. Changes in your eyesight are probably because your eyes are still developing, or the cleaning solution you're using is causing some sort of irritation. Contact lenses are perfectly healthy for your eyes! To preserve your eye health while wearing contact lenses, however, we recommend the following:

  1. Wash your hands before you handle your contacts and use a mild soap that doesn't contain perfumes, oils or lotions – their residue can be transferred to your lenses and cloud your vision
  2. Keep your nails short
  3. Apply eye makeup after you insert your lenses and take them out before removing your makeup
  4. Avoid putting your contact in your mouth to rinse it
  5. Don't use tap water to clean your lenses
  6. Try not to sleep with your contact in unless you have extended-wear lenses

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