Coloured eye contacts on an optometrist's table in Lloyminster

Keep Your Eyes Safe This Halloween: Using Coloured Contact Lenses

Halloween is just around the corner. With all the different styles and options, we know that a pair of coloured contact lenses can take your costume from good to absolutely spectacular. We here at the clinic in Lloydminster know that it’s difficult to ignore low prices when shopping for contact lenses online. Take it from us at Eye Expressions: the last place you want to cut costs is on a pair of contact lenses. Let us show you how important it is to receive a proper eye exam in Lloydminster before getting those coloured contacts for your big night out.

Do I need a prescription?

In short: yes. Whether you already have a prescription for your vision or just want to add a bit of colour to your life, you need to have your eyes examined before purchasing coloured contact lenses. Coloured contacts can be worn by anyone, not just those who need them to enhance their vision. We understand the desire to change your eye colour (especially on Halloween), but it’s important that you do so with expert advice that will keep your eyes safe.

What are the dangers of non-prescription contact lenses?

Non-prescription or ill-fitting contact lenses are a serious hazard to your optic health. Here’s a short list of don’ts when it comes to coloured contacts this Halloween season:

1. Don’t buy from uncertified vendors: even for cosmetic purposes, contact lenses are still considered a medical device. It’s important to buy them from a reliable source (ill-fitting contacts can cause infection, corneal abrasion, vision deterioration and partial blindness).

2. Don’t believe it’s ok if you use them just once: it doesn’t matter if you use them once or 100 times, the danger will always be there.

3. Don’t wait to be treated: if you notice a change in your vision or discomfort in your eyes, contact your eye doctor immediately.

So should I avoid coloured contacts this Halloween?
Absolutely not! As long as you see your eye doctor and get a valid prescription, coloured contacts are a perfectly safe way to spice up your costume. Here’s a list of the different types of coloured contacts to choose from this Halloween:
• Enhancement tints: best to intensify the natural hue of your current eye colour
• Colour tints: used for drastic change in eye colour
• Theatrical lenses: used for special effects, these lenses are probably what you want this Halloween

Be safe this Halloween and purchase your coloured contacts from a reputable source. If you’re unsure, contact Dr. Jade and Associates and ensure the safety of your eyes this Halloween season.